Who We Are

Hawkgrove is a trusted partner providing sophisticated, real time test systems that are scripted and easy to use and configure. These systems model and simulate partial or entire systems, with the option of real product substitution.

Our analyitcal skills and knowledge of what it takes to successfully integrate, test and deliver system makes us a valuable systems integration partner.

We are a highly innovative provider of complex, problem solving solutions, having designed, developed, tested and patented a system that enables intelligent and efficient systems integration. Our experience crosses many veritcal sectors including Transport and Avionics, specialising in Data Communications, Database design, Web Design and bespoke real time embedded systems. We have 25 years experience in full lifecycle systems development with a focus on ensuring that systems are testable, meet their requirements and are delivered on time.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We are proud of the way we work and of our reputation with our clients. A recent customer survey received very positive comments, here are a some of them:-

"It's been really easy to do business with you - nothing seems to be a problem even when we behave in it slightly absurd ways. Thanks for your support over the last year."

"I found the quality of work and specifically the support after delivery excellent."

"I have been very happy with the work and support provided by Hawkgrove"

What we are doing


The Hawkgrove team is currently exploring a number of exciting opportunities for applying the SyDat technology across a number of complex Defence systems, with the aim of improving systems integration outcomes, operation and performance. SyDat promises to reduce costs associated with system devlopment, integration and updates, whilst providing a valuable through life monitoring system for tracking performance across a range of critical operations.

As part of our work to support the above opportunities the team have successfully included the standard OAGIS BODs into SyDat. As well as the provision of a Web Services interface.

Air Traffic Management

The Hawkgrove team is currently looking at ways of reducing the significant regresssion testing effort, required when maintaining safety critical Air Traffic Management Systems. SyDat has the ability to automate at least 50% of these tests.


The Hawkgrove team are nearing completion of a commercial data logger product that records user defined LAN interface data, when combined with LiveAnalyser/SyDat, it will provide a powerful, cost effective, aid to in service support.

Subject to demand, we plan to add multiple RS485 interfaces and discrete IO.

In 2012 we are planning to incorperate Video and Audio over LAN.

News In Brief

  • Bid for development and testing of system for major ATM project uses LiveAnalyser
  • LiveAnalyser in use in Taiwan for major Rail provider
  • Awarded contract to enhance existing diagnositcs system for major rail provider
  • LiveAnalyser Complete
  • Awarded contract to build Web Site for a training course portal
  • Joint bid for development and testing of MVB Bus Driver successful
  • High Performance Windows bespoke product simulator runs for over 72 hours
  • OAGIS and Web Services agent testing and integration complete
  • Link 16 VMF over 5603 testing and integration complete
  • IBM Rational DOORS testing and integration complete

Further Information

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Patent Status

US Patent - 12/161,619

UK Patent - GB2449026

Australian Patent - 2007209125